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Influenced by artists like My Bloody Valentine, Chapterhouse, Slowdive, and more, Ulrich Schnauss makes fairly upbeat ambient music. What makes this music special is that it’s easy and pleasant to listen to without drifting into the realm of dull and stagnant elevator music. This upcoming song (embedded below) is his most popular in accordance with his charts, but everything he’s put out is pretty solid material. If you like this and drum and bass, Schnauss created an album in 1999 called Landscapes under his alias Ethereal 77; defunct now, but worth looking into nevertheless.

He’s also got a remix compilation out which was a birthday present to one of his friends. As the story goes, said friend shared the compilation with another friend, who uploaded it to share with a forum that he posted on. In this, he remixes selections from artists like Asobi Seksu, Mahogany, the lovely port-royal, Madrid, and more! In his earlier full length album Far Away Trains Passing By, released on the label CCO, he covers Crazy For You, originally a very lovely track by the now-defunct shoegaze band Slowdive, covered on this blog previously. Musically, Ulrich Schnauss is similar to acts like Boards of Canada and Tycho.

Title track of A Strangely Isolated Place. Such a great song on an equally great album:

Here’s a sample of one of the songs he remixed. I’ll put this one up for download too.

More information:



Download A Strangely Isolated Place.

Download Remix Compilation.

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