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The Dead Texan is a band signed to Kranky Records, home of Tim Hecker, Windy & Carl, Stars of the Lid, and more. The band’s just got one full length, self titled record out. Really quiet post-rock/ambient-ish. I’ve heard this record being described as drone and minimalism, though I can’t figure out why. Aegina Airlines is a great melancholy track; really digging this. Solid album start to finish. I’ve also heard The Dead Texan being very similar to acts like Stars of the Lid, though I can’t figure that out either. Stars of the Lid is more of a awesome drone-based output, whereas this incorporates sounds and elements reminiscent of ambient-ish post-rock music, coupled with the occasional, very quietly sung lyric here and there, as well as minimal use of guitars to move the song ahead (as an illustration, see the second video below).

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  1. I’m not sure either why The Dead Texan album is referred to as ‘drone’, which it often is. I love the way it takes the Stars of the Lid template and hacks it down into bite-size chunks. The overall effect is very similar, but much more direct. It must be doing something right, because I’ve listened to it every day for the last two years.

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  1. […] in ambient. The man’s talented. Both records are released by Kranky (Think Stars of the Lid, The Dead Texan, and Windy & Carl). Recommended for those who enjoy the aforementioned artists. If you like […]

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