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Flaque, otherwise known as Florian Ziller, produces music that falls under the idm/ambient genres. Mindscapes is his first full-length record released in 2007. He has remixed content from Kattoo (Hymen Records; covered on this blog previously), Subheim (Tympanik Audio), SE (Epiphora; also on Tympanik Audio), and more, as well as contributing a song (“Whispers”) for the well known and much loved Emerging Organisms Volume 2 compilation. This is his most popular song in accordance with his charts, but I rather like this one as well. Sadly, no videos are up on Youtube; I must alleviate this.

Not sure why he decided to have two big blocks of white space in the album art.

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  1. […] really impressed with this record; it also features two remixes from Mobthrow as well as Flaque (covered on this blog previously). It also happens to be on sale at Tympanik for $5 USD. Do yourself a favor and order […]

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