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2006 saw the brilliant release of Tim Hecker’s Harmony in Ultraviolet. A warm and expansive (if you get what I mean) recipe of ambient music coupled with small references to noise (to a relatively small degree, this record reminds me of Belong’s October Language). Space music, if you will. Headphone music, even. This is his most popular album in accordance with his charts, while Chimeras is his most popular song.

The man’s latest full length was pushed out the door earlier this year on the same label, entitled An Imaginary Country; also quite a force to be reckoned with in ambient. The man’s talented. Both records are released by Kranky (Think Stars of the Lid, The Dead Texan, and Windy & Carl). Recommended for those who enjoy the aforementioned artists. If you like this, you might also like Benn Jordan’s Pale Blue Dot.

And here’s a really mellow and calming song off of An Imaginary Country. My favorite out of the album, personally.

For more information:



Download Harmony in Ultraviolet.

Download An Imaginary Country.

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