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Sorry for the brief outtage in updates. Been pretty busy.

Displacer is M. Morton, signed to Tympanik Audio. The Witching Hour is his first full length release on the label, a mix of a sort of dark-ish dubby IDM, with a rather large amount of echo effects applied to specific portions of certain “layers” of the song, so for instance, you’ll notice claps being loudly (it’s like a controlled loudness though, not something designed as an afterthought) echoed back (“Squirm”), etc, etc. It’s a thirteen track album, including remixes from ESA, Diff_Cult, L’ombre, Larvae, and Autoclav 1.1. I’ve noticed some samples used from old horror movies; nice addition to the atmosphere of this record. Here’s a brief sample of the title track, The Witching Hour, on Youtube. It is not the full song. This album is recommended by yours truly.

I’ve heard this album being described as post-industrial, though I am not quite sure what exactly that entails as far as this particular album, so I won’t add it to the tag cloud (seen at the bottom of this page).

More information:



– Tympanik Audio release profile


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