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This man needs no introduction. He has captivated and inspired many people, no doubt. Trivia: he also did the login/startup sound for Windows 95!

There are four songs averaging ten minutes in duration each. The first is a lovely piano track that incorporates tape loop phasing, which is what William Basinski does in his Disintegration Loops series. My favorite out of the album, personally. Sophisticated and simple, yet.

Music for Airports employs the phasing of tape loops of different length in some tracks, where, for example, in “1/1”, a single piano melody is repeated and at different times other instruments will fade in and out in a complex, evolving pattern due to the phenomenon of phasing: at some point these instrumental sounds will clump together, at some points, be spread apart.

Talking about the first piece, Eno has said:

… I found this very short section of tape where two pianos, unbeknownst to each other, played melodic lines that interlocked in an interesting way. To make a piece of music out of it, I cut that part out, made a stereo loop on the 24-track, then I discovered I liked it best at half speed, so the instruments sounded very soft, and the whole movement was very slow.[4]

If you like this, perhaps you might try Ambient 4: On Land.

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