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Slightly similar to Subheim (many more post-rock influences in this), Lights Out Asia is a post-rock band from Wisconsin, USA. They take a lot of hints from the ambient music scene and fuse them into their records (dark, cinematic opening layers of orchestral-ish sounds, something characteristic of a lot of dark/ambient). I’ve listened to a lot of post-rock in the past and I still feel this is one of the better records ever recorded in this genre. Male vocals are present in some tracks; they manage to accomplish that quite well. In a lot of post-rock that sport vocals, a lot of it just feels half-assed, or the lyrics are unnecessarily shoddy, or they are mixed to low, etc., in which case just leads me to believe that the vocals in these bands don’t really belong to begin with. But these guys do this very well and then some and for that, this album has propelled itself to “highly recommended” status, which is very much deserved. As a side note: there is tons of delay and reverb applied throughout this album. It’s awesome.


1. A Day Towards Other Days
2. Radars Over The Ghosts Of Chernobyl
3. X-33
4. Psiu! Puxa!
5. The Wrong Message Could End You
6. MIR
7. If I Die, I Wish You A Horrible Death (that’s not very nice, is it?)
8. Six Points Of Fire

My personal favorite songs out of these are Radars Over The Ghosts Of Chernobyl, Psiu! Puxa!, and The Wrong Message Could End You.

The Wrong Message Could End You starts out with a sequence of radio communication between several officers and a police station. Apparently, they are out in the field near a building responding to a hostage situation. From just listening to it, I think one of the officers accidentally shot a hostage. The music gradually and slowly overtakes the communication between the officers on the ground, but the recording itself still interweaves in and out of the music providing hints to the attentive listener as the song progresses. At the tailend of this, I’m able to catch a bit of communication again between two(?) officers and base command, informing base that the captors have taken two hostages;  they proceed on a lengthy car chase requesting backup. At least this is what I gathered from it; pretty cool nevertheless.

There are eight tracks on this CD with the total duration running just under 55 minutes. You can listen to previews here on n5MD. The album is available to purchase at that same link. The download is $10 while CD format is $11.25.

More information:



– n5MD album/order link.

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  1. I’ve been listening the heck outta LIGHTS OUT ASIA since I discovered’em thanks to you. I’m gonna spread the word right now.

    P.S Peace.

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