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Eluvium is Matthew Cooper, who releases under Temporary Residence Limited. Eluvium is perhaps most known for his monumentally great album Copia (certainly very memorable) released in 2007 on the aforementioned label.

However, Talk Amongst the Trees happily sits along side some of the best output in ambient music, not all unlike Biosphere’s legendary Substrata or almost anything Brian Eno has composed. Really, quite simply put, if you’re as much as an ambient fan as I am, this is essential listening. The opening track “New Animals From the Air” masterfully sets the stage for the rest of this nearly one-hour long, eight track record; a gentle drift into an abyss of hazy gray fog on a chilly morning.

Upon listening to this for the first time a long while ago, “Taken”, is where this entire album just clicked for me. A seventeen-long minute epic of sprawling, drawn out features that lure its already contently-dozy listener into a hypnotic trance, vaguely similar to “Indoor Swimming at the Space Station” off of Copia; although the layers of feedback gradually increase by the time “Taken” has reached its completion (the latter ends smoothly with arctic wolf calls in the winter).

My personal favorite is the album’s conclusion track “One”. Very calm, relaxing music for a rainy day.

Matthew Cooper (Eluvium) states on his website that a new album is in the works and it is slated for release just after the new year. Spectacular news. No word yet on its title.

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