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Bartel is the newest artist signed to Alphabasic Records. In his debut, self-titled EP he brings us a melancholic, and spacious sound that at times brings Burial to mind. The EP opens with “Armor”; a dark, yet beautifully crafted melody that instantly engulfs the listener in a piano-induced euphoria. “The Quiet Years” brings us to a more glitch oriented side of the EP. Still keeping with the dark, and spacious feel Bartel adds rhythmically sliced samples that make for a nice contribution.

In the two latter ambient tracks, (“White Grade” and “Build Four”) can’t help but remind me of tracks like Burial‘s “In McDonalds.” It’s as if these tracks call to mind a memory from long ago, and you are still, with your eyes closed reminiscing on such times.

The last track on the album is a remix of “White Grade” done by The Flashbulb. It begins eerily, creeping in slowly from nothing, then building in intensity until finally it erupts into a rich, heavy assault of guitars and a massive sounding acoustic drum set.

In short I highly recommend this album. Its overall sound and mood shine crystal-clearly. It is a very high quality release that should not be passed up.

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– Alphabasic Records


posted by Unctuous

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