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Chris Clark is IDM aficionado, a person who creates consistently solid releases signed to the lovely Warp Records, home to Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, Battles, Autechre, and more. He’s got a handful of full length releases as well as contributing remixes for various artists.

Body Riddle is technically his third album released on Warp in 2006 (after Clarence Park and Empty the Bones of You released under “Chris Clark”, also on Warp). I’m still trying to wrap my head around how he creates his music. “Ted” is his most popular song in accordance with his charts, however make no mistake: each song is as solid as it is refreshing.

His latest effort comes in the form of Totems Flare released earlier this year on the same label, sporting fast-paced beatwork and heavily treated vocal effects.

The game seen above is Audiosurf, a puzzle/rhythm hybrid. You control a character as you race across lanes in a track in sync with the music (of your choosing), aiming for as many points as possible by the time you finish.

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  1. Hey there, just wanted to offer up a correction regarding Chris Clark LPs. He released two as Chris Clark (Clarence Park in 2001 and Empty the Bones of You in 2003) both on Warp Records prior to Body Riddle, which was his first after changing his recording name to simply “Clark”. Great stuff indeed.

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