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i slept in these clothes

Hi all,

Just wanted to keep everyone informed of certain changes that will be coming to this blog. I started this about a month and a half ago and the response has been awesome. Since its inception, this blog has continually been on a climb in page views on a week by week basis; I’ve gotten a lot of feedback via email,, and IRC channels about how people have been discovering new artists through i slept in these clothes; needless to say, I am very happy about this.

Starting in December, I will be leaving for Basic training for several weeks. Therefore, since I am interested in keeping this blog alive, I am taking measures to hire volunteers to keep writing articles (in the format that you currently see with my posts) on a daily basis. I am confident by the time I return, this blog’s popularity have risen even more dramatically than it has now. I have a friend in real life who will oversee everything (e.g, making sure each author’s posts are in the format that I have specified, etc) while I am away.

Secondly, I am sure everyone has noticed the Index as well as the Popular Posts pages. Both are relatively self-explanatory. The first is a simple, easy to read index of all the posts that have been posted as of today. The Popular Posts page contains pages that have had an extraordinary amount of pageviews. In it, you will be able to find the top five most popular albums posted for each month as well as a list for all time most viewed posts. Both links will continue to be updated.

I plan to add a more comprehensive page in the near future called Recommended Albums (name is being worked on). With this, it is my intention to write about albums that I wholeheartedly recommend; albums that are 10/10, top of the line material that I’d like to further promote to the readers of this site. As always, please feel free to continue to contribute feedback so I can further improve upon this blog.

Just wanted to keep everyone informed :).


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  1. This is a great blog, hope it does well without your great recommendations :)

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