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“Louisiana Mourning” is the second release from Benn Jordan (more commonly known as “The Flashbulb“) and a dedication to Charles Cooper (1977-2009); one half of the electronic music duo Telefon Tel Aviv. This release is a fully acoustic album focusing on piano and guitar. Whimsical guitar melodies play throughout this album similar to some tracks found on “Soundtrack to a Vacant Life.” Lavish ambient soundscapes play a great role in a few of the tracks; adding a smooth backing while the piano takes over the melody. The quality of the sound itself is extremely clean and well produced and only adds to the enjoyment in the beautiful melodies.

As a whole “Louisiana Mourning” reminds me of Iron & Wine‘s early albums. The style of the guitar playing is strikingly similar and I can almost hear Sam Beam’s vocals over these tracks.

This album is limited to a mere 500 copies and can be purchased at for $8 USD.

More information at:


– Discogs

– Myspace

Support the artist, buy this at:

– Alphabasic Records


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