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Dying in Time is the fifth studio album (including the split LP with Absent Without Leave) from Italy-based port-royal (all lowercase) signed to n5md. The band tastefully blends elements reminiscent of shoegaze; specifically, long-winded, submerged vocals drowned out in a sea of traditional instrumentation. The vocals are treated as another instrument, with a variety of telling effects being carefully and artfully mixed in with the music, only adding to its dream-like quality.

With this release, the band dips its toes into shoegaze waters while keeping to the core ambient sounds that port-royal is so loved for. The album opener, a song entitled, “Hva (Failed Revolutions)“, articulately expresses to the listener what direction the remainder of this nearly hour and fifteen minute record is going in. Crisp vocals emerge naturally into place as the song unfolds into its more instinctive state.

The album explosively bounces back and forth between an upbeat ambient style married with influences of post-rock (and even a bit of synth-pop) and sounds of a more a melancholy and downtempo variety. It’s a very naturally flowing album, almost like a poem without any words, or a book without text. Where Flares left off, Dying in Time begins.

I could give no higher praise for this album. It is very well thought out, tasteful in its presentation, fantastic mastering, and most important of all, it is the natural step in the exciting evolution of port-royal’s music. Highlight tracks include Hva (Failed Revolutions), Anna Ustinova, and the three part Hermitage series. Album of the year material. Highly recommended.

For more information about this album, check out the band’s n5MD’s profile page. You can listen to extended previews from that link as well. The record is slated for release 10.05.09. Pre-order here. This is an essential purchase.

Yet more information:



Support the artist. If you like what you hear, buy it at:

N5MD webshop ($11.25 USD)

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  1. Love this album. SO MUCH. I also really love the format of this blog, thanks man.

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