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“Color Strip” is the first full album from innovative IDM artist Jimmy Edgar, and his first with Warp Records. Not only being in the music business, Edgar also owns his own photography firm. His abstract creativity is prevalent not only visually, but aurally as heard in this album. “Color Strip” explores IDM and glitch like I’ve never quite heard before; taking trip forward in time to a futuristic electro night club in Detroit, however the synth samples add a retro-style vibe. Chopped vocals and synths adorn the minimalist rhythms, and Jimmy’s own vocals are featured on various tracks. Edgar’s new take on IDM incorporates groovy rhythms and cold, stabbing synth samples.

His music is not only fresh, but extremely catchy. The melodies are minimal; hardly evolving, if not static and only repeated. However this does not in any way take away from the musical appeal. It retains its appeal through the quality of mixing and samples used, and the overall arrangement of the tracks. As stated before this album is quite innovative and I highly recommend this album to all fans of IDM and glitch.

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posted by Unctuous

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