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Secede is known for his potently atmospheric music. Released on Sending Orbs (think Kettel), this 2005 album vividly captures the talent this man has for creating fabulous artwork. Eloquently shifting between ambient and IDM, Secede makes fantastic use of short and concise vocal samples to drive the song onward into a blurry, dreamy realm of fantasy.

Although you may not get this feeling from the upcoming clip taken from Youtube, Tryshasla makes you feel like you’re a child at an amusement park at night; quietly bewildered at all the flashy-ness and people walking aimlessly filled to the brim with contentment and joy. A highly enjoyable and simply stunning album.

This song is called Born In A Tropical Swamp. It is the sixth track out of eleven on the album (which clocks in just short of an hour).

If I had to pick just two songs that I like most on Tryshasla, it would have to be Kingdom of Hearts and Shrine. The former uses a wonderful “organ-like” vocal sample, while the latter is a relaxed piano piece which incorporates nature-sounds (bug chatter and the like).

Very, very unfortunate that the physical release of this record is out of print. It was initially scheduled to run only a mere 1,000 copies, but due to overwhelming demand, Sending Orbs scheduled another run of 500 copies a year later in 2006. Rare imports can run you up $100+ USD.

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