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Sines and Singularities” is simply overflowing with juicy sounds and beautiful atmospheres. Bluetech paints vivid pictures of luscious landscapes; like standing in a rainforest of music full of ever-evolving sounds. Bluetech’s music is quite simply a musical ecosystem. The music is always growing and changing form, taking on it’s own sort of metamorphosis. The word “organic” is what I think describes this music the best. The music’s constant motion is breathtaking and there is much attention paid to detail. Like taking time to notice individual veins in a leaf.

These tracks create such vivid images like fresh dew on blades of grass, or the cool, damp air in a forest after just having rain where plant life is abundant. Nearby a rolling stream can be heard as water trickles down rocks, and all is peaceful. You can also hear amphibious life, and cicadas chirping in the morning air.

Listening to this album creates a feeling of being refreshed as if having just bathed under a waterfall in a remote forest. From start to finish this is an amazing piece of ambient music, and was what sparked my interest to explore more psybient. Every second of this album is a treat for the ears and mind.

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