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September 2009 Dubstep Mix

Every month, I’ll make a mix of various artists that fall under a particular genre as a sampler, a way to get introduced to many fantastic artists that belong to a particular sound through a compilation of eight or nine artists or so. So without further adieu, allow me to present to you Clothes HQ’s September 2009’s Dubstep Sampler.

Track list:

Format: Track # – Song Title / Album/release

00 – Datsik – Nuke ‘Em / Nuke ‘Em EP
01 – Reso – Beasts in the Basement / Heavy Arms EP
02 – 2562 – Movern / Aerial
03 – Subscape – Nothing’s Wrong / Wrong Number / Nothing’s Wrong
04 – Mimosa – Get ‘Em (Original Mix) / Hostilis
05 – Distance – Traffic / My Demons
06 – Broken Note – War in the Making / War in the Making / No Struggle
07 – Distance – Night Vision (Skream Remix) / Night Vision + Traffic Remixes
08 – Downlink & Datsik – Against the Machines / Against the Machines EP

If you like them, buy these tunes at:



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