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Released on now-defunct label Merck Records (Proem, Secede, Machine Drum), Unomia was crafted by Oregon-based Helios released in 2004. Some tracks are strictly beatless (“Cullin Hill”, “West Orange” (a song to be played in a haunted mansion), “Samsara” pop into mind) while other tracks intelligently maneuver between trip-hop-like beats to a small but comfortable degree (“Two Mark”) and rich ambient atmospherics.

Unomia is a special album, one to be played on a rainy day. It subconsciously drifts slowly into a quiet, cryptic abyss; songs like Light House, which sports relaxed guitar work comfortably stretched over a soft layer of a melancholic-like piano sequence — showcases a restlessness perfect for insomniacs. A great album to be sure.


Helios also creates piano music under the alias Goldmund (check out The Malady of Elegance, released last year).

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