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“Fordlândia” tells the story of the rubber plantation Henry Ford had created in the Amazon. Ford had intended to use this an alternative source of rubber for his tires, but in less than 10 years it failed because of a complete lack of compliance from the indigenous workers in Brazil. “Fordlândia” is an album that recreates the downfall of this industrial town as Jóhann Jóhannsson explained on his official site:

One of the two main threads running through it is this idea of failed utopia, as represented by the “Fordlândia” title – the story of the rubber plantation Henry Ford established in the Amazon in the 1920s, and his dreams of creating an idealized American town in the middle of the jungle complete with white picket fences, hamburgers and alcohol prohibition. The project – started because of the high price Ford had to pay for the rubber necessary for his cars’ tyres – failed, of course, as the indigenous workers soon rioted against the alien conditions.

Through stunning orchestration Jóhann Jóhannsson recreates this story. Heart-wrenching melodies, and deep symphonic arrangements will literally have you in tears by the end of the album. It’s as if in the last track of the album you can literally hear the riots in “Fordlândia.” The pieces are so full of emotion and energy, and they seem to invoke a yearning feeling; a sort of discontent with the present life.

This is one of those albums that one listen simply will not suffice. The constant influx of energy and emotion is overwhelming and each time I listen to this I am amazed at the beauty and complexity of all of these pieces.

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