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From Jon Hopkins comes “Contact Note.” This album blends ambient textures, acoustic guitar riffs, smooth vocals and more in a wonderful package. It gracefully encompasses these genres in a down-tempo manner. The rhythms are groovy and complemented with smooth bass lines. The album also features great female vocals which add so much depth to the ambient tracks. As they intertwine, and harmonize with each other they glide over warm pads and pianos that gently move across each track.

Piano plays important roles in this album which range from adding a lush melody, to guiding the listener through rich, ambient soundscapes with sparsely played notes. IDM elements are introduced as well. Minimal glitches sprinkle just a bit of spiciness over the course of the album. The moving rhythms are solid, and not too complex, however they move the album along quite nicely. The samples are clean and layer smoothly over one another adding a full, expansive sound at times. As a whole this album is a relaxing, yet thought-provoking, and beautiful.

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posted by Unctuous

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