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Even though Burial’s Untrue has received an enormous amount of attention since its release in ’07, I still felt it appropriate to do a write-up on this fantastic album.

Untrue, released on Hyperdub – is a uniquely fascinating piece of work. Broodingly moody, it sets itself apart from the label’s other releases with its mysterious midnight atmosphere married a massive sense of introspective isolationism. It is deceptively surreal right upon the first listen; a dark and cloudy forecast until the album ends.

The album employs more vocal use than Burial’s self-titled, this time around fusing hyperprocessed rave-like vocals with a 2-step/dubstep-ish (on its lightest side) backbone counterpart. If you like this, consider looking into the man’s first album, which often gets overlooked when it comes to Burial’s music as a whole. It’s slightly less polished than this record (he’s learned a lot musically since then), but still maintains melancholy atmospherics with the trademark Burial sound, especially evident in songs like “Night Bus” and “Forgive.”

A mysteriously complex and valuable album, it crackles on and off in an introspective midnight haze, content to let the listener drift away into an emotionally compromised state of mind. Highly recommended (if you haven’t already heard it).

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