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Oil 10 is one-man-band Gilles Rossiere hailing from France. Beyond, released on Funkwelton Records, is a cold exploration into futurism. Indeed, outfitted with synthetic, robot-like vocals, this album explores the more upbeat side of a world painted with flying cars and portable food replicators. Star Trek and other science fiction realities like it no doubt played a big role in influencing Mr. Rossiere’s direction when creating this record.

Hosed with an electro-vibe, icy melodies, and dancefloor-friendly beats that lead us throughout the world the album portrays, Beyond is a welcoming album that can be played any time during day or night.

Gilles Rossiere latest work is Retrofuture, a 13-track, hour long album containing reworked (and refined) tracks from his previous works as an artist as well as introducing us to a few new tunes, equally as dynamic and sci-fi-influenced as Beyond. Recommended.

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If you like what you hear, support the artist and buy this at:

Oil 10’s Webshop


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