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Opening with a serene and savory mood, “Skylon” delivers a chilled, psychedelic voyage. Downtempo rhythms coupled with silky melodies offer some amazing aural candy, as well as a relaxation treatment for the mind. Extraordinary atmospheres transport you to an alternate reality where everything is meshed together as a single entity. An entity that is constantly changing and evolving.

“The Queen of All Everything” is basically the star track of the album here. Sensuous, delicate chords glisten and resonate as highly processed vocals with a great feeling of yearning really draw out intense emotions; like a feeling of perpetual happiness from being with someone who you care deeply for, but an almost heartbroken sentiment develops at the same time.

The album picks up speed quickly after with “Rogue Bagel;” a more up-tempo and grooving track with psychedelic, melodic female vocals that contribute a coolness, and liquid consistency.

The latter portion of this album, in my opinion, uses these first few tracks as musical springboards, but keeping to the psychedelic feel in that it is always moving, and never stagnant. This album draws forth a wide range of emotions; from contentment to crestfallen, and everything in between, the thick, warm quality of this album will no doubt have you listening more than once.

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posted by Unctuous

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