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Hecq is Ben Boysen, who possesses the musical equivalent of a blackbelt in empowered audio creation, processing, and manipulation. Golden Pines is an incredible piece of work within IDM released on Binkcrsh. Contained within are twelve tracks, sporting a host of equally fantastic remixes.

The album remains a cold, concentrated output of glitchy vibes and crisp electronic sequences competently put together and is one of my favorite IDM releases. Hecq is the same individual who created Night Falls, a mind-blowing ambient masterpiece.

Quite a heavyweight release within electronic music. Recommended. It was limited to 90 copies.

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  1. I missed this the first time around… came across it today somehow and damn. I was listening a bit and I said aloud at minute marker 7:48 in the album, “Damn.” This is amazing. I can’t thank y’all enough.

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