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I’ll start off by saying that not much is known about this act. Vàli, from Norway, has one album: Forlatt, released on the same label that some of post-rock band thisquietarmy‘s material is on, Foreshadow Productions.

Regardless of what is and is not known about this Vàli, I’d still  like to use this blog as a platform to promote this musician. Forlatt is an exceptional listen that makes relaxed use of several instruments. Texturally luring, it sports use of the cello, violin, and flute. Interesting tid bit: “Forlatt” translated to English means “abandoned,” a feeling that I feel he captured quite well with this album. The record is currently out of print.

Word on the street is that Vàli has signed a five album contract with the label Auerbach Tonträger. I cannot wait to see what direction he takes his music in.

If you like this, look into Ulver‘s Kveldssanger.

For (slightly) more information, check out:




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