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“Emergence” is the resulting album of the work from Trifon brothers, Laurence and Brian. The album brings elements of post-rock, ambient, and glitch and combines them in a way that feels very natural. Subtle glitches and stutters work behind the fronted synths that make  while more noticeable ones add emphasis and intricacy on slower melodic lines. The wide variety of influences keeps the album fresh, and keeps its replay value high; honestly it’s like finding a little something new with every listen.

“Parks on Fire” shows a striking resemblance to BT’s “1.618.” The stutter and glitch techniques are executed superbly with the guitar’s melody which stirs and toils endlessly around hard drums and metallic effects; toying with time signatures with syncopated rhythms in 3/4. The track also has an ambient backing that breathes an extra depth into the track near the end that ties everything together.

As the album unfolds later on, more influences of trip-hop and post-rock are exhibited. Guitars with an abundance of reverb, backed by ambient chord progressions lead tracks above and beyond in terms of atmosphere. Even in “Terminal A” a Boxcutter-like dubstep feel is introduced while atonal, plucked notes on guitar and processed effects play along behind. This album is truly one of a kind, and the kind of music that can’t be found anywhere else.

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posted by Unctuous


  1. “This album is truly one of a kind, and the kind of music that can’t be found anywhere else.”

    To me it sounds like Hybrid and BT got together and made an album. Thats a good thing mind you. :) I really enjoyed Emergence and look forward to Trifonics next album. Anyway I’m just sayin that this album definately has similar sounds to both of those artists so I dont know if I’d go so far to say that this kind of music can’t be found anywhere else.

    Have I ever mentioned how eeriely similar your musical taste is to my own? :)

  2. Trifonic is one of my all time favorite. The atmosphere they build is second to none. Always glad to see new fans.

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