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To me, SE’s “Epiphora” is like a soundtrack to a futuristic underground medical facility; a place where everything is a pristine color of white and almost everything is automated. The minimalism of the rhythms and warmness of the ambient pads give this album a certain hollow and futuristic quality. The chords in the pads are beautiful and lush while light, and short percussion hits dance over them to create an extremely ambient, atmospheric listening experience while engaging at the same time.

The album is heavy, emotional, and constantly shifting in and out of realms of ambient and IDM. The weight of the album is mainly on the deepness and richness of the pads that direct the flow of tracks gracefully through chord progressions. The prevalent dark tones throughout create such a sense of gloominess, but also draw out intense emotions as though longing to escape from a sort of prison; a prison of white walls, celings, and floors with windows that look out into a rainy and gray sky.

I would call this a great step forward in the movement of IDM and ambient. Having the fusion of deep pads with minimal glitches and percussion in such an arrangement that is beautiful, organic, and full of raw emotion is simply stunning.

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SE at Tympanik Audio



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posted by Unctuous

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