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Lusine ICL is the work of Jeff McIlwain. Released on Hymen Records in 2007, Language Barrier stands out in the crowd of IDM oriented releases by injecting a flexible, deliciously flowing backdrop into his traditionally ambient/idm-oriented music.

Extremely laid back but not under pressured, it ebbs and flows naturally as more musical elements crisply emerge into being, taking on a texture as wholly welcoming as it is inviting. “A Day Apart” is perhaps the record’s most laid back track, but the album as a whole coincides neatly with the vision that Hymen was founded upon: densely packed experimentation of an electronic nature.

Nearing its completion, the record is decidedly content to resign itself with “Without Standing,” which surges with minimalistic joyfulness in its first two minutes but assertively morphs into another being altogether.

This is his second album on Hymen Records. His last album released on the label was Iron City in ’02.

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  1. stunning and mesmerising are two adjectives that immediately spring to mind when i listen to Lusine. Seriously great sounds.

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