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Finn McNicholas, or Ultre, definitely has a wild imagination. In “The Nest And The Skull” he mixes plucked string instruments, sporadic beats, and abstract melodies to form a style all his own. The sound is almost middle-eastern sounding at times coming from home-made string instruments McNicholas himself made. The glissandos and slurs in the melodies on these instruments bring a different texture that blurs the line between avante-garde and IDM. The rhythms remind me of Clark‘s in that they generally repeat with a slight distortion.

The sounds that come out of these custom instruments are fantastic; like a symphony color these instruments truly create a vibrant and exciting sound. The IDM elements and abstract style also call to mind those of Amon Tobin‘s with the acoustic sounds used for rhythms, and processed to make really interesting effects.

This album is certainly a worth-while listening if you are looking something a little off the beaten path of electronic music. A plethora of different influences can be heard throughout, but one thing is for sure that the creativity level is simply overflowing with this one.

More information at:

Ultre official site



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Ultre’s store


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  1. OMG the download still works. Thanks! :3

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