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“Persistent Repetition Of Phrases” is like a journey back in time to a darker, haunting 1960’s era of the United States. The album relies heavily on the gritty, crackling sound like an old vinyl record on a player while melodic piano parts blissfully glide in and out of focus. It’s as if visiting a long-forgotten hall, and being able to visualize ghostly figures dancing and playing piano, or walking down a dim city sidewalk on a cold winter’s night.  This sort of music reminds me of the game “BioShock,” specifically the parts that involve Sander Cohen, in that the music has a certain old, vintage quality, and an atmosphere of sadness, and unrest.

These effects are quite eerie, but also relaxing, and mind numbing in a way. How the the spacious atmosphere in the music manages to almost block everything else around out, leaving only the sound of a disturbing memory.

The album is incredibly deep, but at the same time hollow, and dark. The sheer coldness of the sounds can seem to draw out feelings of loneliness, pain, and many other dismal emotions, and is extremely satisfying from a listening perspective. At times the album is very orchestral also; it involves rich brassy samples with pianos and even string parts to lay a classical feeling over the more electronic background.

More information at:

The Caretaker at V/Vm Test Records



Support the artist, buy this release at:

– This album was limited to 500 copies, and is sold out


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