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Piano Solos Volume 2 is a work by the classically trained composer Dustin o’Halloran released in 2006 on Bella Union. As its title implies, this a record with the piano as its only instrument. The shining star for this album lies with Opus 23, a calming and mellow piece.

In fact, all of these tracks are fairly relaxed, with maybe the exception being Opus 28, which has a mildly (I use that term very, very loosely) frantic feel to it; a sense of urgency that just about penetrates the record’s wholly relaxed approach.

Opus 26 is definitely the most melancholic track, an almost too-short three minutes of a varying degree of isolationism.

The album is about fifty minutes in duration and perfect for any rainy day. If you like this, be sure to check out The Early Piano Works by Erik Satie, which comes as a two CD set of very lovely music in a similar vein to this album.

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