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Tipper’s “Holding Pattern” simply overflows with juicy rhythms and deep bass lines. The album has a strong focus on syncopation, and lots of swing. The rhythms are generally crisp, upbeat, while the basses are more dirty sounding, but simple. The melodies are mostly composed of one-shot synths that pack a surprising punch, along with warped sound effects that add a more spacey, out-of-this-world feeling.

“Tug of War” indeed is full of flare; toying with IDM, and acid elements it (as does the rest of the album) seems to transcend the boundary of breakbeat alone. Other tracks such as “End of Make Believe” delve into a more relaxing sense with beautiful, mellow keyboard synths, and a minimal pad in the background to hold a harmony in place while a running breakbeat pattern goes alongside.

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posted by Unctuous

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