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Soon It Will Be Cold Enough is Emancipator’s debut record. Initially released in 2006 without a label, it has been re-released this year with the backing of Hyde Out Recordings.

Inward we go into a world chock full of guitar-based melodies interwoven with trip-hop beats and even a bit of violin work. Having clean vocal samples and tasteful production is just icing on the cake.

Track 03, “When I Go” featuring vocalist Thao Nguyen is one of a kind; spontaneously and playfully singing a relaxed set of lyrics in tune to the song’s (and album’s) unrestricted and easy going atmosphere. Mmmm.

Track 05, “The Darkest Evening of the Year” sounds like something Tim Hecker would do.

We’ve got intricately-woven violins on the first and last tracks that only add to the zesty flavor this record as a whole puts off. Acute beatwork and beautiful melodies permeate the album from start to finish. It comes in at twelve tracks at just about fifty five minutes, which is pretty sizable.

It is actually a really surprisingly solid record and I remain excited for what is in-store for Emancipator fans; definitely a musician to look out for. Recommended!

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  1. This is really, really good. Thanks. :3

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