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Meet Solo Andata, an Australian-based duo who created a masterpiece of a self-titled record released on the label 12k last month. Taylor Deupree‘s 12k imprint label, based in New York, remains one of the best out there for modern experimental music.

Texturally alluring, Solo Andata has a glacially minimalistic and cold approach to music creation. In a way, it’s a bit like Stars of the Lid, but with more “metallic”-feeling elements, like standing alone in a chilly and dark room on cold concrete, or taking advantage of a heavy snowfall by making snow angels in the front yard.

Solo Andata’s self-titled record contains the sounds of the wind rippling through a harsh blizzard, the water from the dripping faucet resigning itself to being frozen to a later, warmer time, as tinted and distant vocals come and go while the slow and quiet act of aural asphyxiation takes place.

And just like Stars of the Lid, the duo applies the cello in sparse quantities, with a controlled reservation that I can appreciate pretty nicely. It is not often that I can declare something to be album of the year material, but I am going to nod my head to this release as being just that.

Initially I wanted to upload the first song out of the album (“Ablation”) to Youtube for listening, because it incorporated the cello and so much more in a relaxed atmosphere, but it surpassed the ten minute rule for uploaded material.

Highly recommended.

For more information, check out the following resources:



If you like what you hear, purchase it at:

12k Webshop


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