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Eerie soundscapes unfold in the soundtrack to the PC game “RIVEN.” The game and soundtrack are both underrated, but superb in both aspects. The music is a quality ambient, and orchestral work; with stunning melodies that go from intense and fast-paced to slow and more mysterious, and atmospheric. The melodies invoke a feeling that you aren’t really alone, it’s as if there is somebody following or watching you the entire time. The music matches the game’s spacious landscapes perfectly with a theme that appears to cross middle-eastern with a contemporary classical and ambient influence.

“Catherine’s Freedom” really draws out the most intensity in the soundtrack with moving chord progressions and heavy percussion. A sense of urgency is felt throughout this track, as though being chased, while not knowing what may be around the next corner.

The array of different instruments and how they manage to create this awe-inspring mood is what makes this album totally unique both a soundtrack, and as a separate work for the music alone. The combinations of live instruments and ambient electronic synths creates an entire world in itself that is powerful and enthralling.

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posted by Unctuous


  1. Now there is an album I haven’t heard in ages. I used to enjoy the music in that series of games starting with Myst. Hearing that youtube clip brings back memories for sure. I’ll have to queue up the Riven soundtrack in the near future. Still sounds great.

  2. The music from Riven is excellent. For YEARS I have been spreading the word about this soundtrack. But you really need to experience Riven first hand to appreciate it. Catherines theme is one of my favorites! I even use the “link” track on my Blackberry for notifications!

    Get the soundtrack, you won’t be disappointed.

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