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Movements was created by Sweden-based Magnus Birgersson and released this earlier this year on Ultimae Records. Solar Fields has seven albums out, including the soundtrack record to the videogame Mirror’s Edge.

The opener to the album, “Sol,” is a bassy, nearly eight minute standout that sports use of the sitar. Very, very faintly reminiscent of Ulrich Schnauss‘s music: created in a similar vein but uniquely exhilarating. Ulrich Schnauss also incorporates more frequent use of percussion.

Two of the album’s biggest highlights aside from “Sol” are “Discovering” and “The Stones Are Not too Busy,” incredibly moving and about as bassy as ambient music gets. The former clocks in at a healthy eleven minutes in length; a lovely multi-layered adventure into the wonderfully relaxing and carefree music from Solar Fields.

This record is warm and inviting, where nothing but a vibrant, happy-go-lucky atmosphere exists. I suggest looking into Ultimae Records as a whole; the label features artists like Aes Dana and Carbon Based Lifeforms, as well as HUVA Network, a collaboration between Solar Fields and Aes Dana. Highly recommended. Solar Fields really hit it out of the ballpark with this release.

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