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Tim Exile’s “Listening Tree” features a broad range of sounds and styles. From synth-pop to IDM this album manages to creatively combine these elements into something completely original. The sound of each track has a major focus on space; the vocals are spread widely across the stereo channels complementing rich samples that are often extremely long, and drawn out. The style of samples and rhythms are very reminiscent of Clark‘s work.

Melodies found in “Listening Tree” are often difficult to identify in terms of phrasing. Time signatures play a role in these abstract melodic lines which can leave tracks feeling off balance, but not incomplete, with tracks that seem to go from a standard 4/4 to a more unusual 3/4 or 5/4.

Towards the end of the album the use of the classic “Amen” break pattern is brought into light on tracks like “Carouselle” and “When Every Day’s A Number.” “When Every Day’s A Number” lacks vocals and relies solely on an ever-growing break pattern that starts as just a miniscule IDM break, but transforms into a full-blown drum & bass/breakcore monster. Finally, “I Saw The Weak Hand Fall” brings the album to a close with an anthemic chorus that builds its way up from a slow-moving ambient introduction.

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