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Released in 1997, “Colours” is still just as fresh a record as it was 12 years ago. The album showcases wonderful breaks with beautiful acoustic instruments, while keeping a sort of minimal groove; nothing too complex. Another feature is guitars that jam with a jazz groove over the syncopated beats or the occasional muted trumpet. A more downtempo side is also prevalent in tracks like “Colours” that casually move with smooth, melodically guided brass instruments.

“The Tree Knows Everything” seems to be the brightest track on the record, in that it has the most laid-back feel. Everything about the track just makes everything feel better, and that in the end, the little things in life don’t matter. The breezy, jazzy guitar dance over the luscious vocals while sweet pads flow in the background.

The chilled, and easy-going qualities of some tracks are nicely counteracted by the more upbeat tracks that gives the listener a great range of contrasts. Not only in tempo do tracks differ but in mood and style. While some tracks are more easy-going than others, these other tracks have a darker, more serious tone that almost keeps the listener from becoming too lost in the more light and airy melodies.

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