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Author note: Sorry about the inconsistencies in the timing of the blog posts within the last few days, people. It’s been a little turbulent in real life. It will be fixed ASAP.

Maze is a 2006 album by Scone released under Moamoo Records, a collaboration between glitch extraordinaire Funckarma and IDM artist Kettel. It has proved to be a very fruitful relationship between two equally excellent musicians (technically three, since Funckarma is two people).

Funckarma’s background lies in semi-glitchy idm patterns while Kettel explores the more spontaneous side of the genre with upbeat and playful melodies. With this album, there’s a strong sense of that My Dogan era sound, especially with tracks like “Blando” and “SNTH65.”

Currently, the album is receiving an ambient remake, which will no doubtingly be very interesting to hear. If you like this, definitely look into the rest of these artists’ works: “Vell Vagranz” by Funckarma is a great place to start (2009 record on n5md), and likewise, Kettel’s 2008 album Myam James Part 1 is an excellent introduction into the playful world of Kettel.

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  1. This is quite nice.

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