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The much anticipated, full-length album from hard dubstep producers Broken Note explodes onto the scene with relentless percussive assaults. With booming bass kicks to sinister snares, this album feels like it could bring down a 5-foot thick lead wall. Nasty, grinding synths emit distorted shockwaves that could nearly tear right through you. The synths complement the rhythms perfectly in a wobbly, but not too cliche dubstep way. The audio has such a feeling of weight that it feels as though thousand-ton boulders are falling upon you, or that each bass kick is a swift and hard blow to the chest.

Obviously, the tracks are nothing short of an adrenaline rush. Breaking down into a DnB rush, “Meltdown” simply takes down everything in its aural path; nothing will stand in the way of this monster. Pounding, fast-paced, and out of control, everything about “Meltdown” and the rest of the release will leave you speechless, but bloodthirsty for more.

This is, without a doubt, beyond a quality release. Shredding the rules of conventional dubstep and drum & bass, and dancing on the remains, this album goes where few dare to tread.

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posted by Unctuous

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