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posted by tara

Kelpe - Sea Inside Body

Sea Inside Body is a 2004 release from UK artist Kel McKeown, a.k.a Kelpe released on D.C Recordings. While it holds ties to IDM, glitch-hop, ambient and electronica, I would hesitate to classify the album definitively. Although a breakbeat or dub pattern is audible on most tracks, the utilisation of both synthetic and organic instruments definitely bring this album into its own genre of creative expression.

What essentially occurs is a psychedelic journey through sound, each track encompassing a distinctive journey as new melodies are continually introduced and percussion loops reinterpreted. While not recorded in surround, Kelpe tends to bend his mix such that the layers are continually fluctuating in location and amplitude. He makes a sense of movement tangible in similar ways to other glitch hop artists, particularly edIT and Tipper. Interesting to also note the interpretation which can come out  of glitch cutting vocals in tracks like “Age Sculpture”, an arguable parody of the modern British woman.

All in all this album represents three years in a row of my perfect summer jams. It’ll take you from the train to the park to school to work to the party round the block and back home again. From lighthearted to melancholy, consistently bordering on the surreal, this album does what I find electronic music should always endeavour to do – redefine the boundaries of sound. Considering the sheer strength of the technology which lies at the fingertips of contemporary producers, it is arguably a sheer waste of time to simply regurgitate what has already been done.

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