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contributed by Luke

Syntheme popped onto the Planet µ roster back in 2007, amid a wee bit of controversy. At first, people thought it was yet another Richard D. James side project. Then people thought it was Luke Vibert. Then Syntheme started playing shows and turned out to be a lass from Brighton named Lou Wood. Now there are some strong hints that it’s actually been Global Goon all along. But when it comes down to it, what does it matter? It’s the music that matters. And this is some good music!

Lasers ‘n’ Shit is straight-up acid with no apologies. Four on the floor pumped through an 808? Check. 303 bassline with a metric crapload of knob-twiddling? Check. One might think that would get old, but the songs don’t overstay their welcome. Most of them clock in at around 3 minutes. Then you move on to the next. It works fabulously.

From the comparatively sedate opening track, “Mimtro” to the intense disco fetishism of “Red,” to the dark, dreamy, and almost Teutonic “Mexicone,” the only word to describe this album is bangin’. It’s the kind of music that makes you want to take off your shirt, start downing pills like they’re M&M’s, and dance until you die of dehydration. No lie.

Given the sheer amount of skill involved, it’s a shame that  Lasers ‘n’ Shit doesn’t veer in other directions. On the other hand, it’s absolutely amazing as it is. If you like acid house/electro/doof doof/whatever, you will love this album. If you don’t, you’ll love this album. I fall firmly into the latter category and haven’t been able to turn this shit off all day.

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