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Drift is the 2009 debut album by instrumental hip-hop artist Nosaj Thing released on Alpha Pup Records.

The album opens with the spacious track “Quest,” filled to the brim with downtempo beatwork and sparsely applied, highly modified samples to emulate a choir, running alongside a healthy dose of a resonating series of claps and other electronic-oriented effects injected as well.

In a way, this record reminds me of Flying Lotus’s music: tasty beats stretched over a multi-layered coat of juicy instrumentals. In fact, Nosaj Thing has contributed to the critically acclaimed instrumental hip-hop album Los Angeles by FlyLo released on the all too familiar Warp Records in the form of a remix, specifically, his rework of “Camel.”

Not all unlike Burial in parts, actually. Especially with tracks like “2222” and “Us” nearing the end of the album.

The record ends with “Lords,” a straight up, no-nonsense track that took me by surprise. Highly enjoyable.

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