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I’ve already posted about this album. However, suffice it to say that that write-up was done at a time when I had no idea where this blog would be going months later. The goal has always been to write about music that effects me (us, now that we have more writers) deeply, compelling me to write about it and promote and share it with other people so that they might find it enjoyable. And, if they are so inclined, to actually purchase the album.

However, some of these albums that I’ve written about haven’t gotten the attention it deserves, Night Falls by Hecq was one of them. Released in mid-2008 on Hymen Records (sublabel of Ant Zen), Night Falls is a brilliantly composed piece of work that has no boundaries.

People like to talk about how to think out the box and how this concept relates to music (et al) and specifically albums that have stood the test of time, who have a place in the coveted musical hall of fame. With Night Falls, there is no box to think out of. It is a roving, boundless, and deserted landscape painted with hues of dark blues and grays further characterized by an aurally nomadic experience: going from one place to another, the destination unknown.

There is a huge, huge sense of isolationism that I’ve really grown to appreciate pretty highly. It is precisely this multi-dimensional sense of isolationism that few albums in the genre have attained to a degree that you can’t help but notice. This is a phenomenally monumental work that asks that you simply exhale and consume the cinematic elements that are so concentrated within – chock full of bitter cold ripples of musical elements (specifically, orchestral) signal a retreat to a safe place that only has one inhabitant: you.

The album art hints at this a bit, and obviously, the record’s title as well; the former of which is deceptively simple: the record’s artwork is just a black cover with informational text. But inside is a journey from the hyperactive, schizophrenic world to one that sinks to low levels of escapism in comfortable resignation. Almost like falling backwards into your sofa couch after a particularly long day.

This is why I feel that Night Falls is one of the best albums ever written. Sit back, put on some good headphones, and listen to this all the way through.

For more information, check out the following resources:


Hymen Records

Order this album physically at Discogs.



  1. you are right, this album is one of the best ever.

  2. I tried the download link but it didn’t work

  3. The link was removed, here another one:

    Thanks a lot for the good music, man.

  4. a bit late, but still:
    that “informational text” on the cover actually is already hinting to the ghostlike almost transcendent nature of the record so well-described above!
    it reads in german:
    “i’m not me, i’m that, who walks at my side, without me ever seeing him. he whom i often visit and whom i often forget. He who calmly stays silent when I speak, who graciously forgives, when i hate. He who wanders where i am not, who will stay upright, once i die.”

    all the best from switzerland! :)

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