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The End is the 2005 record by Enduser released by the now-defunct Sublight Records. Sublight released several utterly fantastic records within electronic music: The Flashbulb’s Kirlian Selections, Wisp’s NRTHNDR, and of course Calling the Vultures, which is another release by this artist.

Weighing in at just over the forty five minute mark with eight tracks (four of them remixes), this album is all but virtually guaranteed to make you want to rip off your shirt, transform into the Hulk, and smash apart your house.

The meat of this largely consists of stellar drum and bass, however every so often it trespasses into straight up breakcore territory, especially evident in the Richard Devine remix of The End, which is an outrageously brutal track (and a simple Youtube video will never do it justice).

This album sports a remix by Submerged as well, who is another popular artist in the dnb scene (as well as the founder of the Ohm Resistance label). High quality music. Check out Bong-Ra if you like this!

For more information, check out:



Since the label is no longer in existence, The End is a very hard album to come by physically. You can still pick up the single on 12″ on Discogs, if you’re so inclined, though.


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