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posted by Unctuous

“Vines and Stream” is the debut album from Welder. Providing the listener with melodic and chilled out electronic work and incorporating some nice stutters and other effects. The music has a fluid quality that utilizes light pads and deep bass lines keep the melodies smooth. This album seems to have drawn influences from many different sources, but focuses on combining a more middle-eastern sound with big, downtempo rhythms. A variety of instruments such as foreign percussion and wind instruments to strings and guitars.

Under the repeating phrase “And we’re dying” there is a hidden, but graceful melody. The percussion in this track add spaciousness with reverb while the vocal sample lazily recurs. The focus of this track is mainly minimalist, but with subtle changes here and there that sprinkle a little spice into the mix.

Overall, an extremely well put together album that can fit into just about any situation to listen to. Dabbling with experimental elements in the broad range of acoustic instruments combined with an electronic grounding, “Vines and Stream” makes for a very creative chill-out experience.

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  1. Awesome album

    Congrats for this blog, i’ve been following it for three months.

    Thx again for doing this great job

    keep it going ! (100 posts :D)

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