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I know a blog post like this is out of the ordinary, but I’m looking for information regarding this mindblowingly cohesive and ballsy track:

Hecq’s music is something I have an undying love for. I don’t know who Exillion is, but the dude is definitely on my radar with this track. The only notable thing I found was a thread link to which was dated much earlier this year.

Initially, I thought Exhillion was Excision (Rottun Recordings), who produced this phenomenal dubstep mix entitled Shambalah (which you can download from this link), played live at Shambhala Music Festival in Canada on a 100,000 watt system. Mind blown.

Surely there has to be more than one song. Something like this isn’t to be missed. If you have any info, post a comment or shoot me an email.


  1. Hello, i think you are little wrong.
    The problem is in name of this track.
    It is not Exillion but just Exillon ;) its bad written.

    Watch the titles at and, there is the name good writen.

    But i`m little disapointed i don`t like mutch his work :(
    his latest album call
    Exillon – It’s OK To Dance CD

    i think Ben just learn from him how to make dubstep lead synth ;)

    and try find Hecq live on youtube, his next album will be awesome

    hope i help a bit


      • isleptintheseclothes
      • Posted October 30, 2009 at 12:39
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      Awesome, thanks man.

      This sounds awesome. I can’t wait for a new album.

  2. :) yea and especialy 0:50s slowing down, is totaly crazy.

    Ben become hero in electronic music of this age.

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