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Let’s start with something care free, shall we?

Unknown Coordinates is the very recent 2009 album by Dom Mino’, and released on Schole (SCH-011), a label based in Japan. The man has one other record out entitled Time Lapse released a year earlier, though I have not listened to it yet.

Combining a few elements of electronic music with folk, Unknown Coordinates has somewhat of a unique position within various styles of music. The first track (appropriately titled “Liquid Architecture”) of the album is probably the most “electronic” of them all, mixing a host of IDM-like sounds with a winded backdrop that reminds me of some of Oil 10‘s music.

The album really starts to shine as it progresses. The second track is incredibly fluid. It begins with … children laughing. And then just when you think you know where the track is headed, it shifts into a direction that is uncharacteristic of electronic oriented music; ultimately, a bass guitar provides the song’s backing while jazz-styled drums provide some of its rhythm and direction. Almost like Supermodified-era Amon Tobin, really! Actually, the very beginning seconds of this song are eerily familiar with the some of the sounds of the self-titled album by Discuss (and like Dom Mino’, really are deserving of more attention in their respective musical circle).

It’s amazing how satisfying an experience this record is. As a whole, it has rather delicate underpinnings. Lightly peppered by high-note, fragile piano pieces and in some cases, weaved within samples that sound like they came from the classic ’81 film The Fox and the Hound. It’s quite complimentary and works well to forward the album to its rather contagiously gleeful ending. If this album doesn’t end up in your Heavy Rotation playlist, I am not sure what will.

Highly recommended.

Not much more information at:


You can also buy the album here, however it’s kind of hard considering the label’s website is in Japanese.



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