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Nuage is an album by French composer Sylvain Chauveau, which represents scores for two films from Sébastien Betbeder. It was released shortly after the album “S” in late 2007 on Type Records. Type is known for releasing works by such artists like Deaf Center, Xela, Grouper, Helios, and City Center. All excellent.

This record is a classic, with every track but one having some involvement with either a violin, electric guitar, viola, or a piano. The piano is the predominant instrument throughout the album, often in combination with a violin weaving monumentally haunting sounds together with an anxious sense of melancholy. The end result is as moving as it is memorable.

Others have noted that the only song not to incorporate a classical instrument is “Fly Like a Horse”, and as a result, it doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the record. However, this alone is nowhere near enough to leave a bad taste in one’s mouth.

By themselves, songs like Marianne, L’Oreée du Bois, Le Tunnel, Clara et Simon, and An Old Friend alone would make a great piece of work. But coupled with the rest of the album’s beautiful and somewhat romantic tracks, we instead have an outstanding collection of modern classical vocal-less narratives that carry onward quite consistently until their nearly too-short of an ending.

Headphone music.

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– Type Records release page.

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