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posted by Unctuous

“Trust” is the latest album from Kaito released last year. If you’ve heard any of the other artist’s on Kompakt Records before, (i.e. The Field) then you’re sure to love this album. The album features beautiful, evolving chords over the course of all of it’s tracks and intricately crafted melodies that ebb and flow. The music invokes a sort of majestic, heavenly feel with its soft pads and warm synths.

“The Breath of Spring” basically sums up what the album is all about; refreshing, luscious, smooth, and extremely organic in sound. Opening with a crisp pad and slowly bringing in a backing synth that, to me, is quite reminiscent of Chicane‘s sound in the late 90’s and 2000.”The Breath of Spring” certainly lives up its name in that it full of pure energy, and liveliness, while at the same time it is gentle and rich in juicy, delicate sound.

This album sounds incredible; even when listening on dark, cold, wintery days like now it manages to fill my mind with nothing but thoughts of sunny, late spring days with gentle breezes. Closing my eyes and picturing an open grassland that stretches for miles stimulates all of my senses while listening to this album.

More info at:

Kompakt Records


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Kompakt Records




  1. Amazing album. My mind just gets lost and I zone out throughout the whole album. Great relaxing music.

  2. The best album from 2009

  3. Awesome album, thank you

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